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Cheap Date Ideas – Romantic and Creative Dating Solutions
Romance doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Cheap Date Ideas 1-20

1 – Take a walk in the park together and feed the ducks or pigeons.

2 – One good thing about a miniature golf date is that you don’t have to be good at golf to have a good time.

3 – Go to free or low cost local events such as renaissance fairs, concerts, street fairs, carnivals and car shows.

4 – Visit an ice cream parlor and get something where you both eat out of the same dish.

5 – Slow dance in your own home with your own perfect love songs playing in the background.

6 – Read a book to each other.

7 – Lie on your backs and enjoy looking up into the sky while holding hands (clouds, stars, meteor shower, fireworks, etc.).

8 – Go hiking on an easy trail and enjoy nature while getting to know one another. You could take some binoculars and do some bird watching while you’re at it. Doing this after nightfall also produces a unique experience, just make sure and bring proper safety equipment.

9 – Bowling not only makes a fun date, but makes a fun first date. A perfect choice for someone you met on a dating site.

10 – Grab a tent and go camping in your own back yard.

11 – Go to a poetry or book reading at a local library or college.

12 – Go pick fruit at a local farm or apple orchard. A lot of these places also have cozy restaurants as well.

13 – Take a trip to a local playground when no one else is there and spend time just hanging out on the swing set, merry-go-round or jungle gym.

14 – Visit a petting zoo (or actual zoo), bird aviary, or aquarium.

15 – Bingo nights are more fun than you might think.

16 – Going out to see a movie is always a time honored tradition; if you’re lucky she’ll like horror movies and you’ll get to “protect her.” This one is not recommended for the first date as they’re won’t be much time for you to get to know one another.

17 – Flying kites.

18 – Spend the evening at your local bar or dance club.

19 – Do a good deed for a neighbor without them knowing.

20 – Listen to an interesting talk radio show together. There is some that last for hours and last way up into the night. login
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