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 Cheap Date Ideas 21-40
Unique date ideas that everyone can enjoy.

21 – Roller-skating is always fun, although if neither of you have ever done it, it’s a good idea to go on a slow night so you won’t knock a lot of other people down.

22 – Relive your first date. Try to go the same place and do the exact same things you did the first time you went out together.

23 – Do some volunteer work together. The great thing about this cheap date is that you can do it anytime during the year and, of course, you’ll get to help others.

24 – Go to a minor league sports game or high school game.

25 – Outside ice-skating on a posted pond seems more natural (and romantic) than doing it under a roof.

26 – Take a spontaneous trip to nowhere. Just get into your car and make any necessary stops as you go. Enjoy the thrill and possibility that you may even get lost.

27 – Play twenty questions.

28 – Spend a day doing or sharing each others hobbies.

29 – Spend a few hours just looking through old photo albums or yearbooks and reliving old memories.

30 – Karaoke bar.

31 – Laser tag or paintball.

32 – Instead of having an expensive dinner try going out for a nice breakfast or lunch.

33 – Work out in a gym together, or better yet go to a rock climbing gym where you can help one another.

34 – Rake leaves into a huge pile and then have fun playing in it.

35 – Go people watching at a mall or park.

36 – Going out on a picnic is perhaps the most romantic of cheap date ideas. If you want to make it even more romantic, do it at night.

37 – Check out the website of a local college. They often have cheap but interesting events going on throughout the year.

38 – Go fishing. If you don’t want to cook and eat what you catch you can always throw them back. You must find your own worms; buying them is not allowed.

39 – Knock off a little stress by going to some batting cages or a driving range.

40 – Buy or borrow a cheap digital camera and take turns doing a photo shoot with one another. login
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