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How to Impress a Girl on the Phone
The steps to impress a girl on the phone are not difficult. All it takes is following a few simple rules.

You got her number.

You’re about to call her.

Then you wonder what do I say to make her login interested.

There’s a lot you can say to attract a girl while talking AdultFrinendFinder. The first way is to create sexual tension.

In addition, here is a step-by-step plan on how to impress a girl on the phone.

Seed the Conversation Getting a girl’s attention starts long before you call her. From the first moment she sees you you should be taking advantage of positive body language. Your initial conversation with the girl should all work to build up AdultFriendrFinder the attraction and help solidify her opinion of you as a “high value” guy AdultFrienedFinder login . Before you get her phone number it is important that you set the initial seeds for attraction by building some sexual attraction login. While getting her number it is important to flirt and focus on building sexual tension.

This is all about setting the seeds for reviews attraction. She should be drawn to you before you call her and then your call should be designed to simply peak her interest. This doesn’t magically happen when you get her number. Instead you have to flirt.

My advice is to joke around with her beforehand AdultFrienedFinder. Create an inside joke. Give her a nickname. Have fun and tease her a little. All of these actions will help you be more interesting when you’re talking to her. All of this gentle teasing will be important when you bring it up casually in the next step.

Use Call-Back Humor- The reason you flirt before calling her is to create what’s known as “call-back humor.” This is where you bring up that inside joke between the two of you.

It’s been proven that we feel closer to someone when we share some form of a connection. With call back humor, you’ll establish that link through a joke that only you two will “get.” It will also give her something to “riff” off of, making her laugh and having this “inside joke” will help make this girl drastically increase both her comfort level with you as well as her attraction.

Talk About Her Interests- Sometimes the best way to impress a girl on the phone is to simply let her talk. I recommend asking open-ended questions that will make her reveal more about herself.

-This step shouldn’t be too hard. Once you get a women comfortable, trying to get them to talk should never be a challenge. login The trouble will be getting them to stop.-

The trick is discuss things she’s passionate about. Like traveling, her dreams, aspirations, and interests. A simple “why do you like that?” question can get a woman to reveal more about herself.

What is key here is being an “active listener“. Simple “yah” “uh huh“ and “that’s nice” simply won’t cut it here if you want to maximize her attraction. You need to really listen to her and ask those penetrating questions.

Tell Stories- Now you can’t let her do all the talking. At some point you will need to say something also. One way to make a great impression with a girl is to tell interesting stories – Specifically ones where you did something interesting.

Storytelling is definitely an art form. You want to emphasize certain qualities (high status, leadership, confidence, and adventure); without coming across as an egotistical jerk. Keep it funny, keep it light, but always have a point where you show yourself displaying one of those good qualities with the girl on the phone.

Self Effacing humor is great. But it doesn’t “impress the chicks”. Kepp the strories funny, but never have yourself as the “butt of the joke”

I recommend perfecting 10 stories that come from your own personal experiences. These will be ones that you’ve practiced and tell in a funny manner that will naturally attract a girl. Use these wherever you can and see how girls react to them. You’ll find that some build attraction better than others.